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- Recording - 

I have been working as a session musician in studios for the past several years and take it as a tremendous honour to be asked to play on an artist's song or piece of work. 

From home studios to Peter Gabriel's Real World I have recorded in a variety of different places and if you are looking for a guitarist I would love to work with you! 

I have a variety of Electric and Acoustic guitars as well as special instruments like a Baritone and 12 string so that I can truly tailor the sound to what your song needs. 


- Remote Recording -

I do offer remote services for recording. I tend to use my Fender Blues deluxe into the Universal Audio Ox Box to capture sounds with a variety of different pedals depending on the tone needed. I love the collaborative process and am very open to ideas on how I can help make your music as good as it can be!  


Send me an email to find out the pricing and other information!

Feel free to message me on facebook and Instagram directly too. 

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